A holistic therapeutic system for

Acute and chronic diseases


The Siddhas are accomplished people, who developed among other branches of a vast knowledge system, Siddha Medicine, Siddha Varma (vital point therapy), Siddha Alchemy, etc. Their emergence dates back to thousands of years in Tamil Nadu, South of India. Their healing methods are distinguished from one Siddha lineage to the other.



Siddha Pal Pandian has immersed himself in the Siddha Tradition and its healing dimension for most of his life and systematised a holistic therapeutic approach he named Vasi Therapy.



Vasi Therapy

Is a holistic therapeutic system encompassing three methods of treatments. Its reach is far beyond conventional methods of treatments and that is due to its holistic approach affecting the body, mind and spirit. It considers any disease as an expression/indication of a subtler disorder affecting the natural flow of vital energy in the human body. It has the potency to address and treat the very root cause of a disease, up to the genetic level.


The three methods in Vasi Therapy address the physical body, subtle body, causal body and the connection between all of them. It even goes further than that and reclaims the connection of the human being to her/his transcendental aspect (named by the Siddhas as Thiru Vasi), leading to a healing at a core level and thus affecting all tangible and intangible aspects of ourselves. The three methods of Vasi Therapy make use of Vasi to facilitate healing at different levels.   




Is the very core energy in the human body that makes all vital bodily functions possible (breathing, blood circulation, digestion, etc.). For voluntary bodily functions (walking, speaking, smelling, etc.), we contribute to this core energy by breathing, drinking and food intake. Vasi precedes and makes possible all other processes for creating the foetus in the mother’s womb and after that maintains all bodily functions for the whole span of a person’s life.



Thiru Vasi

Is the grander part of Vasi. All what exists in the macrocosm equally exists in the microcosm. The macrocosm emanates from Thiru Vasi and manifests further as the microcosm (human being) through the mode of Vasi (the micro counter part of Thiru Vasi). This is why Vasi is of prime importance and plays a crucial role in our health and wellbeing.



Vital Energy

Is the primal energy flowing from Thiru Vasi all through the causal body, subtle body and to the physical body by means of Nadis (channels). It empowers our individual vasi and maintains the connection between all the three bodies.



Subtle Body and Causal Body

In the Siddha system the human being has three interconnected bodies. The physical body, the subtle body and the causal body. The subtle body is like a bridge between the physical body and the causal body. In terms of diseases, the subtle body registers all the traumas acquired from our interaction with the world around us and also acts as an active expression of diseases of genetic nature having their root cause in the causal body. So the causal body functions as the reservoir of all the genetic information specific to each individual (the blueprint of the human being).




The three modes of Vasi Therapy


- Varma Therapy (Stimulating vital points in the body using slight pressure)

- Kalari Therapeutics (Body alignment through gentle manipulation and/or massage) 

- Amritha Kalai (Energy healing through gentle touch)




Varma Therapy

Varmams are vital energy points located at specific places in the body, at or nearby specific muscle junctions, joint spaces, endocrine glands, etc. These points contain highly concentrated amount of vital energy and work as a junction between the physical body and the subtle body. Any disease is an expression of stagnated vital energy at any one or more Varmams. By using various techniques to release stagnated energy in specific Varmams related to specific ailments, a natural and effective healing process occurs. Each Varmam requires specific amount of pressure and different directional movements. A proper sequential application of Varmams for different diseases is also crucial for a successful healing to occur.



Kalari Therapeutics

This method of therapy is aimed at correcting misalignments in the body by either using gentle manipulation or massage. The different massages in Vasi Therapy work on nerves, muscles and Varmams to bring back the body to its proper and natural alignment. .



Amritha Kalai

This is the higher aspect of Vasi Therapy and is unique to the Siddha lineage of Siddha Pal Pandian. It facilitates the proper and natural flow of vital energy all through the causal body and subtle body. The root cause of any disease is due to an inhibition of the flow of vital energy through the energy bodies, which on the physical level is simultaneously expressed as stagnation in related Varmams. Varmams are located along the path of flow of vital energy in the Nadis (channels) of the subtle body.


Any stress, unresolved emotions, physical disorders, ancestral influences (diseases of genetic nature) etc., are registered as stagnations in the flow of vital energy through the energy bodies. Restoring the proper flow leads to the release of these psychological or physical knots pertaining to specific diseases or disorders, leading to a natural and lasting healing on the physical level.


The psyche and all the functions of the human physiology are orchestrated by the hidden flow of vital energy through the causal body and subtle body. The vital energy flows through each of these two energetic bodies in a distinctive way due to the different energetic structure of each. Experiential knowledge of this constitutes one aspect of Amritha Kalai.


Amritha Kalai addresses acute and chronic diseases, but can also be given for general wellbeing and as a preventative measure. It can also help individuals who are working on their inner development, to release psychological knots, emotional issues, etc.




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